In A Dead Man’s Jacket

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1983 was a year on the brink. In A Dead Man’s Jacket  plumbs the widening gap between the two halves of HMS Britain or UK PLC – the ‘haves’ in the leafy areas of the metropolis and the ‘have-not-a-lots’ up in Scotland. The novel opens in the Douglas, Kirkton and Ardler housing schemes in Dundee whose denizens eke a meagre existence far from the bright lights and champagne spritzer world of bulls and bears and Hooray Henries and Henriettas. Over 150 years men of Dundee built mighty ships but now only a few dozen were employed in a small marine repair yard after the collapse of a sit-in at the shipyards when Thatcher aided British Shipbuilders to effectively assassinate shipbuilding in Scotland.

Martin Duff (known as Duffy) having just graduated from Glasgow University, returns to his hometown of Dundee to join the ranks of the 3 million unemployed. No-one he knows has a job and everywhere there is cynicism, resentment and despair. Then his brother Ned falls foul of the local drug gangsters and Martin finds himself drawn into alternative career opportunities… and well on his way to becoming a skunk cannabis millionaire.

Or not…

This state-of-the-nation political road-movie cum slapstick crime novel moves rapidly between Dundee housing schemes and leafy West London, featuring a cast of well-observed characters drawn from all strata of society.

The Mushroom Club

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If Hunter S Thompson, Thomas De Quincy and Flann O’Brien could have got together to write a crime comedy this would be it… Three St Andrews University graduates gorge on magic mushrooms, kidnap vulnerable elderly people, perform crude heart surgery to extract miniscule amounts of plutonium from heart pacemakers in order to threaten the government with a ‘dirty bomb’ extortion plot, in rat-infested tunnels 200 feet under central London. As you do…

Drug-addled caper, with an overpowering sense of claustrophobia, that races along like an express train… on a disused Victorian line.

Victor Emerson, a former Young Tory Monster; Philip Quinn, a psychopathic Trotskyite; Dave Edwards, a married Art History graduate who happens to be employed in a nuclear power station and is the only ‘normal’ one (he’s the one narrating the story). Brought together by their lust for psilocybe mushrooms, the three oddballs crave untold riches and a lazy, exotic beach lifestyle.

Almost by accident they hit on the perfect plan… Against the odds, they are a success but as they count their ill-gotten gains, everything begins to go wrong. Their conspiracy rapidly disintegrates into mutual suspicion, treachery, murder – and revenge.

‘An anarchic comedy of terrorists as stoned bunglers whose strategy seems to have been gleaned from the pages of the Beano.’

The Big J


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A lively, humorous yet poignant novel about a group of young people in a small fishing town in the North-East of Scotland during their final summer before they leave to go to college. When the enigmatic and ultra-cool ‘Big J’ arrives, Robbie Strachan is drawn into J’s intrigue with a glamorous summer visitor, the American sculptress, Xanthe. The affair goes badly wrong and leads to tragedy. The lives of Robbie, Big J and their crowd will never be the same again.

Suitable for adult and young adult readers, the novel addresses key concerns such as fishing decline, ‘incomers’ and loss of identity – within a humorous, inventive – and often poignant – narrative.

Full of lively humour and evocative local detail and set against the drama of the red sandstone stacks and hidden beaches of the Scottish North East coast, soundtracked by seagulls, The Big J is an entertaining read. Readers have mentioned the filmic and visual quality of the writing in the novel and also the influence of Alain-Fournier’s ‘Le Grande Meulnes‘.

‘I read this latest novel from the multi-talented Andrew Murray Scott with great interest and pleasure … Scott writes like a poet — and like a typical teenaged boy, but the two voices sit well together … I believed in all the characters — I’ve met most of them. I didn’t foresee the ending, but it was just right … Robbie and enigmatic Big J will stay with you for a long time.’
— Eileen Ramsay, Leopard Magazine

‘His characters are realistically full of life … describes the area so well you feel you are part of it … I was eager to find out what happened to Robbie and Big J and was stunned by an unexpected twist toward the end of the book. I would highly recommend you try this refreshing writing style.
Scots Independent

Scott easily captures the familiar claustrophobia of a group of bored teenagers trapped in a “grimy smudge on the rim of the North Sea” … an understated novel that combines humour with retrospective glances … of traumatic past events.’
Press & Journal

No seaside idyll — a novel that lifts the lid on village life … the events that engulf Dounby … are not pretty and this is not the most comfortable of reads. These quaint North-East villages will never look the same to me again.’
— Maurice Fleming, Scots Magazine

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The Mushroom Club


Paperback. ISBN 978 1 84753 087 5 price £9.00 (retail prices vary)

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance of making so much money you could spend the rest of your life at the beach? But how far would you go to make your dream a reality?

Three graduates of St Andrews’ University who meet up once a year to eat hallucinogenic mushrooms aren’t limited by trifling notions of ethics, morality or the Law. They have come up with a perfect plan… which involves kidnapping vulnerable old people, extortion, ‘dirty bombs’ and even some crude heart surgery. But as they count their ill-gotten gains in their rat-infested lair 200 feet under central London, their nutty conspiracy disintegrates into mutual suspicion, treachery, murder – and revenge.

‘An anarchic comedy of terrorists as stoned bunglers whose strategy seems to have been gleaned from the pages of the Beano.’

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