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Freelance journalist Willie Morton is tasked with finding Luke Sangster, a hacker on the run from Britain’s secret police.

He’s tagged in to a game of cat and mouse from the lunar landscapes of Assynt to Glasgow and across the North Sea illegally to Denmark.

But Morton cannot work out where Sangster’s loyalties truly lie. He begins to suspect he is being entangled in an entrapment exercise to spread suspicion and distrust amongst the Independence movement.

As they travel through Sweden’s remote forests, he learns the truth, but by then it is almost too late…

Oblivion’s Ghost haunts a shadow world of ambivalent loyalties where spooks and support agents deploy ever more controversial tactics against Scottish dissidents.

‘Fast-paced… a very good read’ – Scots Independent

‘Very pacey… fast-moving… an enjoyable read’ – Courier

Oblivion’s Ghost published 29 May 2020. £8.99

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“Moves along enjoyably and at a brisk pace” – The Herald

“Fast-paced, tension-packed page-turner… a thrilling tale which leaves the reader much to think about… doesn’t disappoint” – The Courier

Five months after Scotland’s Independence Referendum, freelance journalist Willie Morton’s resemblance to a man called Philip Gallimont let off a drink-driving charge on Home office orders unlocks the door to a secret plot.  Gallimont works for secretive pro-Union group, GB13. Can Morton pass himself off as Gallimont to get inside the group? How far they are willing to go to frustrate democracy? What are the group’s connections to MI5 and is the Prime  Minister involved?  

It’s a dangerous game and soon Morton is being pursued through a labyrinth of private backstairs and neglected corridors in the Palace of Westminster into the eerie dereliction of the roof space.

He wants to confront the reclusive leader of GB13, whisky magnate Lord Craile, in his remote mansion on Mull and ask him one question – Why?

But some questions are too incendiary, too dangerous… the Union is sacrosanct, greater, it seems, than democracy itself and Morton is a threat to it, their top target.

Audiobook available – narrated by David Sillars, ex-BBC Radio Scotland presenter – hear free sample-

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‘Real page-turner… keeps up the tension throughout’ —LESLEY RIDDOCH

‘Riveting…  a complex, multi-layered novel that is rewarding and satisfying…  tension-filled from start to finish’ —DUNDEE COURIER

‘Fast moving… keeps you involved… uses some of what we know about the Willie McRae killing and weaves his story around that to make into a very good read and you can just imagine Willie doing some of the things Andrew describes’SCOTS INDEPENDENT

‘Scott cleverly weaves this nuclear-charged thriller together’ — SCOTTISH FIELD

Cross-border relations between Westminster and Holyrood are tense over nuclear policy as journalist Willie Morton investigates the death of anti-nuclear activist Angus McBain and begins to suspect he was killed for what he knew.

Was there UK Government collusion in the murder of McBain – and conspiracy over illegal radioactive convoys heading to Dounreay?

And can Morton keep clear of the sinister, deadly forces in headlong pursuit from Loch Ness to Arisaig, Oban, and across the treacherous Sound of Kerrera in the dark…? Trapped in a remote distillery in Bridge of Orchy, as bullets dent the copper stills, surely Morton’s time is up…?

“Convincing account of secret service skulduggery… Morton and his adversary, Daniel McGinley, are opposing halves of the Scottish psyche…”

£8:99  TWA CORBIES PUBLISHING ppb ISBN: 9780993384028
£1:99   Ebook all formats, ISBN: 9780993384035

The Big J

An evocative, humorous and often poignant rites of passage novel about a 17 year old boy Robbie Strachan growing up in a quaint tourist town on the red sandstone rim of Scotland’s north-east coast. Like most of his pals, Robbie is desperate to leave to go to College but is in awe of the mysterious and charismatic 19 year old incomer The Big J and a witness to the terrible tragedy that unfolds before summer is over.

“Beautifully drawn… compels the reader” Eileen Ramsay

Steve Savage Publishers  2008