Now Telling U Stories as podcasts

Although new to podcasting, I’m giving it a try. I find reading stories aloud is a very effective way of editing the stories; refining what I’m trying to say. Also, of course, I hope my stories can find a new audience.  I’m not sure about whether that’s true or not. I hope so. Anyway, they are out there now, on iTunes, Stitcher (for Androids), on TuneIn, PlayerFM, for good or ill. So far, four stories are on the platform, Telling U Stories.  Ghosts – a young man drifts in and out of casual romance in Madrid, in the terrific summer heat and light. Twilight Incident, an anti-colonising narrative about the sins of Edward Beaton’s working life in Kampala, Uganda in the 1960s coming back to haunt him with a vengeance in a Gents’ Outfitters in 1980s Dundee.  The Glasshouses, a gentle evocation of the diverging lives of a brother and sister as they visit the diverse habitats of the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens on a cold February day. And today, I’ve added Sharing, where hospital worker Stephen suffers the torment of knowing his girlfriend Susan has another lover. This is perhaps the most painfully autobiographical of the four stories although I have used aspects of my life in all of them. The stories have been recorded with fairly basic equipment and are presented without much embellishment, no music, no fanfares. I have no idea whether they will be listened to by any or many.

I’m hoping discerning listeners will find their way to the stories, and, of course, ultimately my other work too. I intend to put up new stories fairly regularly and if I receive ratings or reviews, will respond to suggestions. You can of course, listen to the stories via the player on my web blog: www.andrewmurrayscott.scot on the Podcasts page but I suppose the easiest way to engage is to search for Telling U Stories on your own podcasting app, whether that is Apple, Stitcher, or any of the others. Thanks for your interest!

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